Nearly a year after the triple murder of an Ottawa tax judge, his wife and their neighbour, city police yesterday offered a $100,000 reward in a bid to spur new leads into the case.

Family members of all three victims — judge Alban Garon, his wife Raymonde and neighbour Marie-Claire Beniskos — attended the police announcement yesterday, nearly a year after the June 30, 2007, discovery of the victims’ bound and beaten bodies in the Garons’ condominium at Unit 1002, 1510 Riverside Dr.

In written statements read by Staff-Sgt. Monique Perras, relatives of the Garons urged the public to provide tips to help the investigation.


“The investigation seems to be stuck in a rut, and frustration is everywhere, particularly among the police force, who, despite their sustained efforts, have not yet been able to solve this mystery,” the statement read.

Since the murders, detectives have interviewed 1,500 people as far away as Edmonton and Spain.
“The investigation is ... moving forward one step at a time and we are confident that it will be solved. Rest assured, somebody knows who did that,” Perras said.

Investigators are still probing accounts of a man who presented himself at the Garons’ apartment as a delivery person, a few days before the murder. However, the only information about the delivery person comes from Raymonde’s friends and family and police are unsure exactly when that occurred.

Police are also still searching for a man who was observed in the building’s elevator on June 29, 2007, between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. — around the time the murders are believed to have occurred.

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