Fundraisers organized to cover costs for Calgarian’s recovery





Erin Kalin’s brother, Tyler Wilson, fell head first from a roof top in Thailand and sustained severe head injuries. He underwent brain surgery and is recovering, but his costs are around $3,000 a day and the family is facing a $100,000 bill. Family and friends have set up three fundraisers in Calgary and Edmonton to help defray the medical expenditure.


"(Wilson’s) definitely beaten the odds. It’s an absolute miracle that Tyler is still with us."

Few people could afford to shell out $50,000 for out-of-country emergency medical expenses, let alone $100,000.

That’s the bill Calgarian Erin Kalin and her family are facing for medical expenses related to an incident involving her brother, Tyler Wilson, in Thailand.

At first, Kalin hoped to cover the $50,000 in medical care costs, but was recently informed of an additional $25,000 for Medi-Vac charges to bring Tyler home, tacked on to an already mammoth travel bill for family members.

Tyler Wilson had been showing a friend the panoramic 360 degree view of Bangkok atop his apartment building’s two-storey elevator shaft on Dec. 3 last year, when he tumbled over the edge and struck his head on the concrete roof of his apartment building. Wilson had been living in Thailand for some time after immersing himself in a culture Kalin said that her brother just “just fell in love with.”

After the fall and subsequent emergency brain surgery by Thai surgeons, Wilson wasn’t given much of a chance to live — and he was in a coma for 10 days. Doctors were shocked when the 30-year-old woke up.

“He’s definitely beaten the odds,” said Kalin, a 33-year-old stay-athome om of two boys.

“It’s an absolute miracle that Tyler is still with us.”

The recovery process has been tough; Wilson has endured a number of infections and other small setbacks, but Kalin said he is doing well. The expensive recovery process is expected to continue once Wilson returns to Canada — hopefully later this month.

Three events have been set up to raise money to help cover costs related to Tyler’s medical care and recovery.

On Jan. 5, a fundraiser is being held at Coyotes Dance Bar and Saloon. Tickets are $20 with cover and a free drink. For more information call 264-7111, ext. 245.

Another Calgary fundraiser will be held on Jan. 16 at Seven Restolounge, 603 — 8 Ave SW, between 6 and 10 p.m. Tickets are $100 and the event features hors d’oeuvres, live entertainment and beverages. Call Tina Chow at 221-0370 for more information.

In Edmonton, where Kalin and Tyler were raised and graduated from Strathcona Composite high school, an afternoon jam will be held Feb. 3 at the Yardbird Suite from 2 to 6 p.m. Tickets are $20.

All monies raised will go towards covering Tyler’s medical costs. Any money leftover will be given to the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre in Calgary.