Rev. Josephine Egan is thrilled to help Marry Me, Halifax couple Michelle LeBlanc and Tony Wood design the perfect ceremony for their big day.

“It was important to me to involve the girls, so I love the candle ceremony,” LeBlanc says. “Even though we’re already a family, this is another way to celebrate the fact that we’re making it official.
The mothers of the bride and groom, LeBlanc and Wood, as well was their two daughters, Ashley, 13, and Anna, 1, will light candles during the ceremony to represent the eternal flame of their family.
“Ashley’s going to light the candles for her and Anna because Anna’s too young to play with matches,” LeBlanc laughs.

No matter what the religious or cultural situation, the Halifax Wedding Chapel marriage officiants are honoured to officiate at your location of choice, or at their chapel at 2 Auburn Ave., in Halifax. Officiants are licensed by the province to perform spiritual, non-denominational and Christian marriage ceremonies.

Egan offers you maximum flexibility for you to plan your wedding the way you wish it — in the setting of your dreams. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination: on the beach, in a park, at a hotel or resort, or in your own home. Or, like the Marry Me couple, in the stunning Compass Room at Casino Nova Scotia.

Brides and grooms are welcome to include meaningful traditions and spirituality into their ceremony, as well.

“I was raised Catholic, so I wanted to incorporate some aspect of religion into the ceremony,” LeBlanc explains. “So we will be using some readings from the Bible to reflect my background.”
LeBlanc and Wood chose a traditional celebration and blessing of marriage with an upbeat modern twist to celebrate love, friendship, romance, unity and family, Egan explains. This liturgy, which originates from the Mass tradition, is one of Halifax Wedding Chapel’s most popular ceremonies. A wonderful ceremony captures the true magic and beauty of two people together and celebrates the relationship. Egan will work with you to ensure that your ceremony is a beautiful reflection of your values, spiritual beliefs, hopes and dreams, as well as a joyful proclamation of your commitment and your emotional and spiritual connection in heart, body and mind.

Many couples find the traditional exchange of vows and rings profoundly moving and eternal. Others are inspired to combine tradition with unique contemporary dedications of love and commitment while other couples choose to write their own wedding vows to convey their feelings for each other and to express the love that unites them. Whatever you choose depends upon what best suits your personalities and are, of course, beautiful and special ways to express your love and promises to one other, Egan explains.

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