Eleven sealers were safe and uninjured yesterday after two vessels were lost in separate incidents off the coast of Newfoundland, CanWest News Service reported.
A rescue off the province’s northeast coast Monday plucked five sealers from an ice floe after their boat, the Lacey May, burst into flames just east of the town of Catalina.
A spokeswoman for the Department of National Defence Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre told CanWest a search and rescue helicopter found the sealers fairly easily.
A small fishing vessel and a fixed-wing plane were also dispatched to the scene. By the time help arrived, the Lacey may had been engulfed in flames.
In a second incident on the same day, six sealers just managed to escape from their 15-metre vessel, the B.S. Venture, before it ran into the rocks on the west coast of Newfoundland. The crew abandoned ship in a smaller speedboat and made it safely to shore.