Want to celebrate Christmas this year in the Upside Down?

Take your holiday celebrations to the next level with inspiration from Netflix's smash hit television show "Stranger Things." Deck the walls with Winona Ryder's Christmas light Ouija Board, skip the cookies and serve Santa a plate of frozen Eggos and hang a picture of Barb on the tree.

Of course, you can't forget the ugly Christmas sweater, either. Show up all your friends at the next party with one of these snazzy shirts. Bonus points for shaved heads and fake nosebleeds. Or real, if you're into that sort of thing.

Eleven Days of Christmas: Available in four colorsfor $24.99 from Skip N' Whistle Etsy shop


Alphabet Lights: Buy it for $29.99 from RWE Lite Etsyshop

Get Strange: Get it for $24.99 from Jenny's Sweet Tees on Etsy

The Upside Down: Comes in seven colors, starting at $15.99 from Dachi Collective on Etsy

Barb We Miss You:Available in four colors, and as a T-shirt or sweatshirt; starts at $21.99 from iFrogTees

Will Is That You?: Buy it in three colors starting at $17.99 fromTees And Tank You Etsy shop

Eleven: Get it for $40 from Storenvy

Stranger Things Fair Isle: Available in black or navy, starting at $36from Station Jack Etsyshop

Mouth Breather: Comes in seven colors, starting at$15.99 from Dachi Collective on Etsy

Barb Deserved Better: Starts at $17.99 and available in three colors fromDainty Dirtbags on Etsy

Christmas Things: Buy it for $35 from Pop Tees Designs on Etsy

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