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2010 in Calgary: Cookies, meltdowns and those woeful Flames

Yes, it was Naheed Nenshi's year in Calgary, but there was no shortageof headline grabbers in 2010, both in the city and across the province.

Yes, it was Naheed Nenshi's year in Calgary, but there was no shortage of headline grabbers in 2010, both in the city and across the province.

The Cookie

We’ve actually chosen to single out the cookie as a newsmaker in it’s own right – having been the centerpiece in Alberta’s Cookiegate. Yes, it was actually former AHS boss Dr. Stephen Duckett that made the oatmeal raisin cookie famous, but we’d be nowhere today without the Edmonton-made La Persaud cookie itself.

I mean, without such mouth-wateringly good cookies, would Duckett really have snubbed reporters when they were asking about the details of an emergency meeting with provincial health care professionals. “I’m eating my cookie!”

We like to think… not likely.

Higgins' Meltdown

Like the oatmeal raisin cookie, Corn Flakes will never be seen in the same light after the now notorious early morning television interview with the curmudgeonly Citytv newsman, Mike McCourt. McCourt hounded Higgins on her motives for joining the Calgary municipal election in the run for mayor, leading to a tense (and perhaps uncomfortable for viewers) standoff that ended with Higgins storming off the set and chucking her notes into a static camera in the green room area next to the set. t didn’t end there, however. Once Higgins left the set, she approached the sit-in group, ArtsVoteYYC, where she proceeded to ask (paraphrased), “Who crapped in everyone’s Corn Flakes this morning?”

Going Down In Flames

One could consider this entry to be related to Ric McIver’s mayoral bid, after being the front runner in the race for mayor for the majority of this city’s municipal election only to lose handily to Naheed Nenshi. Instead, this entry is left for the troubled Calgary Flames. Ohhhhh, those Calgary Flames. After going undefeated in the pre-season, the Flames have stumbled through the first quarter-plus of the NHL season, at one point languishing at the bottom of the western conference standings. Hockey pundits across the city are left wondering how long before the Flames ownership group sends GM Darryl Sutter, and possibly Ken King, packing.

A Calgary Stampede To Forget

While many people can’t remember their 10-days of Stampeding to begin with, Stampede 2010 is one even the organizers want to forget. Six animals died during the events, making it one of the deadliest Stampedes on record for stock. But, perhaps the most troubling incident involved a midway ride wreck that injured 10 people, two seriously. Here’s hoping the 2011 Stampede fares better (pun intended).

Civic Engagement

Some would consider the 2010 election a watershed moment for civic engagement in this city. Others might think it’s a flash in the pan, considering that eventual winner Naheed Nenshi built much of his campaign around social media and engagement tactics. Still, no one can deny that Calgarians were significantly more engaged in this municipal election compared with past elections. It could have been the growing dissatisfaction with a number of city decisions (read: Peace Bridge), or it could have been the fact no incumbent would take the chair as mayor – with several high-profile candidates duking it out for top spot. No matter the reason – civic engagement was invigorated and with help from groups like Civic Camp, we’ll see how it evolves.

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