Metro Vancouver residents are not being given accurate information about the road closures and parking restrictions slated for the Games, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association charged yesterday.

A spokesperson for the Vancouver 2010 ISU, however, said some of the information B.C. Civil Liberties received is older than that released to the public in March, while other details are still being ironed out.

Carmen Cheung of B.C. Civil Liberties said traffic-planning documents it obtained under a Freedom of Information request include information that either contradicts or isn’t included in the maps VANOC released in March.

“In some instances where the VANOC map said there’d only be parking restrictions, the materials we got ... suggest there would actually be street closures or restricted access,” said Cheung.

“We’re quite concerned about the lack of transparency.”

The ISU’s Const. Mandy Edwards said the documents obtained in the Access to Information request don’t reflect current plans.

She said the most current information is provided at the ISU’s “game plans,” which are community information sessions, while more official updates will be released in the fall

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