222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Street North
(613) 238-0222

Signature Drink: Sangria
Signature Dish: Spicy Mussels
Rating: ****
Dinner & drinks for 2: $70

This restaurant, 222 Lyon, bears the name of its address and is a bustling cosy spot with a warm Spanish flair serving Tapas and the best red-wine Sangria in Ottawa.

Eating several small plates of finely-prepared food is my favourite way to enjoy a meal. First, we ordered the Shrimp Mona Lisa ($11), served with mushrooms, wine, cream and brandy. The shrimp was delicate and the boozy mix in the cream divine.

I was intrigued by the Pork and Fig Croquettes ($10) since a typical croquette contains mashed potatoes. These were crispy on the outside but with a soft, minced pork and sweet fig filling, making them unusual but delightful.

The Spicy Mussels ($11) were the star of the evening. The server suggested removing each mussel from its shell and leaving them in the sauce to eat as a soup. Each bite tasted rich and smooth with a chili-induced sting.

Piquing our interest for dessert was Sexy Berries. The strawberries were speckled with pepper and served with a brandy-infused cream sauce. Although it wasn't as sweet as I had hoped, the tickle from the brandy was a warm ending to an intimate meal, especially with a signature Spanish Coffee on the side. Ay, Chihuahua!