The next generation of television has arrived in Vancouver as Canada’s first 3-D high definition TVs go on sale tomorrow.

“It’s the evolution of existing technology,” said Gavin Burbidge, one of several Geek Squad employees at a sneak peek of the technology at the Best Buy on Cambie Street yesterday.

These aren’t the red-and-blue paper glasses that you used to find in cereal boxes, but a true 3-D experience like James Cameron’s Avatar.

“It gives you a much more immersive 3-D sensation,” Burbidge said. “It enhances the experience, rather than trying to go, ‘Ohh, this is a 3-D gimmick.’

“It’s a much more enjoyable experience.”

But that experience isn’t cheap. The Samsung televisions range from $2,500 for a 40-inch to $3,700 for a 55-inch. The glasses cost $250 each and a 3-D TV Blu-ray costs $400.

Getting together for a 3-D viewing party with several friends would run $4,000 to $5,000. The content would be limited to Monsters and Aliens 3D or Coraline.

Home-theatre enthusiasts would likely be the first to embrace the technology, Burbidge said, with more mainstream consumers jumping on board as the price drops and more options and content become available.

Panasonic, LG and Sony are expected to release 3-D TVs this year. There are also no 3-D games yet. Although the TVs do have an option that gives games a slight 3-D feel.

Best Buy and Future Shop have the exclusive retail rights until mid April.