Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween spectacular is canceled — same goes for
the East Village parade. But costume parties are still raging on in your
hood, and you can’t show up to your friend’s impromptu shindig as a
binder (seriously, that joke is over). Here are three easy and creative
get-ups you can whip together from stuff laying around your house.

"Moonrise Kingdom"

Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop stole our hearts in Wes Anderson’s
super-stylized indie love story. For Suzy’s innocent/sexy retro getup
you’ll need a mini dress — preferably with a Peter Pan collar — some
knee-high socks, blue eyeshadow and any of the following accessories: a
picnic basket as a handbag, a vintage mini suitcase or lunch box (you
know you have one), a beret, or— to really set it off — a pair of
vintage binoculars. For Sam’s Scout uniform, wear a short sleeve shirt
with as many pins as you can find, a scarf tied around the collar,
above-the-knee shorts, knee-high socks, oversized glasses, a coonskin
cap — last year’s trapper hats will do just fine — and a pipe.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Add a nametag that says “Maybe” to whatever you’re wearing and hand out your number. Enjoy being the star of the party.

Matchy-matchy Kanye and Kim

This is easy: Throw on a white dress, some bronzer and add loose waves
to your locks with a curling iron or wear a slick back ponytail. Your
partner needs to wear a white T-shirt — preferably a distressed
fashion-y one — and some white pants. Attach a pillow to the backside of
your dress and pow! —you’re Kimye. No one gets tired of them.