Man killed while training for race



It was this week a year ago that 26-year-old Ben Farrant was killed by a speeding car in Langley while training for the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.

To honour his memory and the anniversary of his death 32 of his friends will be cycling the two-day race, which starts tomorrow, to raise money for a charity he helped start.

Richard Taylor, one of Farrant’s closest friends, is leading the riders on the 321-kilometre ride.

“He was killed while cycling, training for (the race),” he said. “This seemed the most appropriate way we could honour his memory.”

Taylor is the director of Wellspring, a non-profit organization that aims to establish higher quality education in Rwanda by developing new schools and providing better training for teachers.

“He always felt that something (good) could be done,” said Taylor of Farrant. “He wouldn’t make a big deal about things, he’d just do them.”

Shortly after Farrant’s death, a Rwandan acquaintance told Taylor that the tragedy of his death was that he didn’t have children to carry on his legacy.

“I thought, ‘You’re wrong,’” said Taylor. “He has a legacy. Whether these kids know him or not, he touched their lives.”

good cause

  • Farrant was an integral part in developing the Wellspring Academy, a primary school the organization funded and opened in Rwanda last January.

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