Most of us do not have the need or the necessity to purchase furniture items on a regular basis, therefore when it does come time to venture out and make your purchases you could be left scratching your head. Purchasing a sofa, bedroom or dining room furniture is not as simple as venturing to your favourite retailer and handing over the credit card. There are many elements to consider before you make your purchases. Here are four key tips to help make your shopping experience successful.


1. Measurements: Measure the room you would like to furnish drawing a simple sketch on paper indicating the size and height of windows and doors as well as any other elements that will determine furniture size and placement. Measure the width and height of your front door, staircases and/or your elevator to ensure ease of delivery into your home.

2. Samples: Bring samples of paint colours, flooring and fabrics that you want to co-ordinate in the room. You will be amazed as to how many different hues of a simple colour like blue are available.

3. Pictures: Take snaps of the room you want to decorate to give you and the salesperson a good visual. As well as tear out any pictures of furniture from magazines that you like. It will shorten your shopping time by pinpointing the styles that interest you most.

4. Time: Plan in advance and give yourself three to six months of leeway time. Often when customizing furniture or ordering custom fabrics you may wait six weeks or up to six months for delivery. If you’re planning a family gathering at the dining room table, that you need to purchase, for this coming Christmas, I suggest you start shopping now.

Measurements, samples, pictures, and time: the ingredients for great furniture shopping.