The Department of Justice has launched an internal investigation to find out why a man was kept in jail for 43 days after his sentence was over.

The man, who was scheduled to be released on Oct. 5, was kept in the Central Nova Correctional Facility in Burnside until yesterday morning.

Metro has learned the man is Robert Jefferies, in jail for breaking conditions of his release regarding several offences, including assaulting a peace officer.

Justice Minister Ross Landry said the department will investigate what factors led to the extended detention. “(As well as) what might have transpired from there, and any information that might come from that to lead us into any other area of investigation or responsibility,” he said.

Landry offered his apologies for the mistake. “I’m sorry if that’s what occurred,” he told reporters.

While he could not say what caused the extended detention, Landry suggested the incident might be connected to the mistaken release of Vernon Martell on Nov. 5. Martell was serving an 84-day sentence at the Burnside jail for theft under $5,000 and breaching his conditions.

The department said “clerical errors” led to Martell’s release, and Landry indicated yesterday an issue with the court system led to Jefferies’ retention.

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