Ah! The warmer temperatures are bringing us back outdoors.

But before you can truly enjoy the fresh air — there are many needed updates to your patio areas to help recover from the harsh effects of old man winter.

Luckily, with a few spruce–up projects in only a weekend, you can achieve a patio revival that’s simple, yet sensational.

Wash away winter
No matter what type of patio, pressure washing is a simple way to make it shine.

It offers instant gratification as layers of dirt, dust and grime are quickly blasted away.

Don’t have a pressure washer? Don’t worry, most rental companies or home improvement centres offer reasonably priced daily rentals.

Or it’s an opportunity to visit the neighbours who you haven’t seen during the cold months to borrow theirs.

Bring new life to old furniture
Once your patio is clean, bring out the seating.

But have your table and chairs seen better days? Fortunately, you can easily turn something ready for the trash into a new treasure by updating it with a coat of spray paint.

To start, lightly sand and clean the entire surface. Next, spray the entire piece of furniture with a new, updated paint colour.

Petals and pots with pizzazz
Finally, liven up your patio with beautiful flowers. But just as important as the pretty petals, is planting them in the perfect pot. Terra cotta pots are ideal since they come in a variety of sizes and are inexpensive. For added pizzazz, you can update these planters with a splash of colour.

To start, turn each pot upside down on newspaper and spray the pot with your favourite shade of spray paint. Once dry, you may choose to spray your vibrant pot with a clear or glitter spray to achieve the dazzling finish you desire.

With just these few simple projects, your patio will be fun and fabulous with just a weekend’s worth of work.