Adam Miller is the artistic director of Cirque du soleil’s Kooza, which opened in Calgary Thursday and runs until Oct. 24. Miller is originally from Providence, R.I., and has been involved in multiple Cirque du soleil shows. He is a trained ballet dancer and has performed with The Royal Ballet as well as American Ballet Theatre. When it comes to Kooza, Miller looks after 53 artists.

How long have you been with Cirque?
For just over two years now.

How did you get involved?
I was teaching and running a dance company in Hartford, Conn., and I taught a class for dancers in Delirium (a live musical event put on by Cirque du soleil.) After which, I sent my CV. Eighteen months later, I was hired as an artistic director for the (Cirque du soleil) show Saltimbanco. I joined Kooza in January of 2010.

How long will you be on the road with Kooza?
As long as they’ll let me, but as of now, we are touring in Japan starting in January for 18 months.

What’s it like being on the road for that long?
It’s fun, but not always easy, and there is work involved. But you adjust; the road is your home and when you’re on vacation, you go home. I meet great people and see some pretty great things. And I get to play on a lot of great golf courses!

Many of the stunts performed in Kooza look pretty dangerous. Have you ever experienced any scary moments during a performance?
Well, as a director and observer, some things always scare me. But the artists are so skilled and really know what they are doing. In addition, Cirque goes above and beyond the normal safety needs to ensure that our artists are as safe as possible. Even when I am scared, everyone is so skilled they react beautifully to every situation.

Tell me about your first performance of Kooza in Calgary.
It was fantastic to see people react to the most exciting show there is. Gasps, laughs, whoops and cheers. I love sharing this experience with an audience for the first time. It was cold and rainy outside, but inside was nothing but warmth and fun. A great night!