Amber Bacon, a Port Coquitlam, B.C., nurse and the only Canadian who had a chance to woo The Bachelor, talks to Metro about her time on the show, not getting a rose and her message to Ben Flajnik.

Giving Ben a taste of bacon by having him kiss your hand, was that on the spot or not?

I had it prepared and wanted something that was a little bit fun, flirty and memorable so I thought the ‘Baconator’ was fun. I don’t take myself too seriously so I was able to poke fun at my name and I thought that was good.

How was it being in one room with 24 other women? Did you see some checking out the competition?

I think girls always look at other girls and size them up to try and see who they’re up against. I think that’s normal for girls in any situation. In any bar you go to, all the girls are kind of looking at each other. This situation is a bit high stress and a bit more intense, so some of the girls can take their emotion to the next level and get all riled up.

What are your thoughts on people saying this was the ‘most gimmicky’ Bachelor premiere ever (somebody brought her grandma, another came in riding a horse)?

I think the girls really wanted to stand out so they did whatever they can to make Ben remember. There are so many girls and I don’t even know how he would remember 25 names. If you do something big like coming in on a horse, and he would be like, ‘Oh that girl on the horse.’ I think that was smart of them that they got his attention.


How did you feel about not getting a rose?

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get more time to be on the show and to see if I liked Ben. At the same time, not everyone likes everyone. I’m still a great girl and he’s still a great guy.

Are you rooting for anyone?

I really liked Lindzi (Cox), the girl who came on the horse.

I do think she was a really nice, down-to-earth girl. I had spent time talking to her and just thought she was a genuine, classy lady so I’m pulling for her.

What’s your message for Ben?

You gave up on the best girl in the world. Good luck.

• The Bachelor airs Mondays on Citytv.

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