With one week until the Halifax Mooseheads begin their 2010-11 campaign at home against the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, Metro spoke with majority owner Bobby Smith about his club and the expectations for the season.

As everyone knows, the Mooseheads are coming off back-to-back last-place finishes. What’s your message to fans heading into this season?

The message is, thanks for sticking with us. We’ve got the players in place right now to have a very good team for many years to come and everything we’ve done in the past 18 months isn’t about quick fixes. It’s about (building) a terrific team. We’ve taken our medicine and now it’s going to be a lot of fun from here on out.

Why should fans come to the rink this season?

The team itself is going to be fun to watch. You won’t just come out to watch the team because Konrad Abeltshauser is going to be on the San Jose Sharks in a couple of years. This is going to be a good team and we play to win, too.

What’s been the mood around the team since Martin Frk’s arrival earlier this week?

Really positive. The guys are excited. They’re seeing already what a high-level talent he is and they’re excited to play with him and have him as a teammate.

What will it take for this season to be categorized as a success for you?

We obviously have to take a significant step up in the standings, we have to see that our young players are all improving, our 16-year-olds, our 17-year-olds, and our 18-year-olds, who really got thrown into it last year. That will be the judge. And, hey, in terms of wins and losses, you don’t go from 18th to first, but we want to take a significant step up the standings and really be a good team.

What are you most excited about this season?

The whole group of talented players we’ve got. It’s just the number of potential A players on the roster ... We haven’t had a group like this in years.

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