When it comes to the Canada Games, Chris Morrissey has been around the block. He’s been with the Games for more than 10 years, serving as general manager for the first Games held north of 60 in Whitehorse, in 2007, and as chief executive officer for the upcoming Games in Halifax from Feb. 11-27. As CEO, Morrissey is responsible for the overall planning, organization and staging of the Games. With about two months to go, Morrissey ensured the event would go off without a hitch.

The Games are fast approaching. How are you feeling?
I’m quite comfortable. We spent a lot of time doing the planning and putting the right things together for a business plan and now we’re at the stages of implementing the business plan so we’re on the right track. Now’s the time to start building the venues and getting ready for the athletes to arrive.

How does it feel to be hosting the Games in Halifax, where you currently call home?
Halifax is a great host city. It’s a great event city and lots of great things have happened in Halifax. I think it’s also going to escalate the brand awareness of the Canada Games and Halifax has been engaging when it comes to anything from sponsorship to volunteers. The people want to get involved with the Games.

Do you think Halifax is ready for an event like this?
Sure, it’s got lots of history of hosting great single sport events. There are lots of other events that have come to Halifax. Just judging by the volunteer recruitment targets and the planning that’s been done, we’re into the execution stage now so we’re ready to go.

What event are you most excited for in the 2011 Canada Games?
I’m definitely looking forward to long-track (speedskating). It’s unique, and you can see the oval being constructed. There’s a lot of heightened awareness in the city right now. The exciting part is getting everybody on it before and afterward.