Season 3 of CBC’s hit dramedy Being Erica kicked off this week with new characters and a new series of blunders for protagonist Erica Strange to relive. The one-hour program airs Tuesdays. Metro caught up with the show’s star, Erin Karpluk, while she was in Vancouver this week.

To what do you attribute the success of the show?
It’s very unique. It’s like if Ally McBeal and Lost got drunk and had a love child. I’m very proud of the fact that it’s Canadian. It has the theme of regret and everyone has regrets, so to see this (character) battling awkward moments, people can relate to that. It’s not formulaic and (issues) don’t get tied up at the end of every episode. It’s very messy, like life.

Are you privy to the plot a few episodes ahead of time or is each script a surprise?
I want the plot to be a surprise. I just deal with one (episode) at a time.

What can viewers expect from this new season of Being Erica?
This season’s theme is about transition. Erica is as evolved as she’s ever been. We introduce the element of group therapy with Adam’s character and they develop a strong connection and challenge each other. There are new characters including a new doctor played by Graham Greene. It’s the same show, we just go deeper and start exploring the other characters.

What have you learned about yourself from playing Erica?
I’ve learned a lot from her, to let a lot of things go, because certainly Erica has to. She’s extremely flawed but I like her resilience and that inspires me. I feel lucky to play a character that’s so three-dimensional.