Graeme Bell is a fullback for the Edmonton Eskimos. He is also the president of the Saskatoon Minor Football League.

How long have you been playing football with the Edmonton Eskimos?
Two years, and I also played for Winnipeg and went to the University of Saskatchewan and played five there.

What does a fullback do in the game?
A fullback basically protects the quarterback and blocks for the running back. He has the ability to catch and run the ball as well.

We’re here at this event for six-a-side football. What are your thoughts?

This is something the Eskimos wanted to get involved with. I grew up in Saskatchewan where six-man football is really big. I brought it to their attention and six-man football just gives the small communities the ability to play football and a sense of celebration in the community. Six-man football develops good athletes and it shows the respect and discipline it takes to play football.

What are you trying to achieve today with the first Western Alberta Six-Man Football League Jamboree?
To get some feedback and show people. It’s like a showcase of what six-man football is. They’re really trying to expand the teams right now … I think there are 12 teams this year in six-man football so they really want to expand that. A lot of communities don’t get the chance and a lot of these kids don’t get the chance to play football because there is no football for them.

Getting back to you. How are you guys going to prepare for a successful year?

Right now we’re sitting at 2-8 and I think we’re 1-2 on the new season, as Richie Hall has dubbed it. We’re not out of the playoffs yet and our goal is to get better and be in the playoffs and, hopefully, as far off as it is, we’ll be in the Grey Cup.

What is your team’s focus to try to make this happen?
The Eskimos are really focusing on just doing our jobs. We’re doing extra things off the field to try to get better. Lots of times it’s just been misfortune this year, lots of fumbles, turnovers, and those are things we’ve got to really focus on and eliminating all those factors and variables that are affecting every game.