You may not know his name (yet!), but you’ve definitely seen his face. That’s probably because the Being Erica star has appeared on every Canadian TV show you’ve ever seen.

You just shot the pilot for a new series called Alpha. Can you reveal any top secret tidbits?

It’s about five special government forces who all have extraordinary powers. I play the bad guy who has the power to make people do what I want them to do. I’m also a very OCD, persnickety guy: I make a guy drink a gallon of bleach because he was four minutes late to a meeting.

You’re one of the busiest actors in the city, but you’re actually an American. Any plans to go back?

When I was working in L.A. somebody said if I came up here I’d probably get work, so I thought, well, I’ll go there, get a great resumé and then come back to L.A. Well, I’ve kind of done what I’ve set out to do, so I came here on a mission, but I just fell in love with this country.

What will you miss the most if you do head south?

The people, without a doubt. Back in L.A. every single person talks about the business, and part of me wants to vomit because I’m someone who never, never talks about the business when I’m out.

What’s the one thing people don’t know about working actors in the city?

When working on any show you will encounter such tedium that this excitement of going to set and standing around and being with these people goes away so quickly.

How many people recognize you a day but don’t know from where?

It happens every single day. I’m not kidding. If I’m out it will happen two, three, four times a day. There are some people who know exactly where I’m from, and there are others who are convinced I’m their neighbour, or I went to school with them, or I’m in their yoga class.

Do you ever just mess around with them?

I used to be more coy and avoid telling them I’m an actor. So I’d play this game where I’d ask them where they lived, where they went to school. I decided the quickest thing I can do is just tell them upfront.

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