Johnny Reid is coming back to Halifax — but this time, he’s doing what he loves indoors. The award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter is performing a sold-out show at the Halifax Metro Centre on Wednesday, three months after taking to the stage for Country Rocks 2010 on the Halifax Common. The show is the final stop on his A Place Called Love tour.

What will the difference be for a fan going to this show compared to your recent outdoor performance?
The difference is you’re going to come see a Johnny Reid show. Basically, what you see at a festival show is what the festival wants you to see. Now, you’re coming to my show and you’re going to see what I want you to see, which is everything ... I get to play what I want to play and for as long as I want to play.

Is there a message for fans coming to the show, as PBS is videotaping it for a TV special.
I’ve cultivated my talent in Canada for over 12 years and this is my chance to take this to the rest of the world ... so I just want (fans) to represent, to have fun and represent this country. And I know for a fact the people of Halifax are going to show the rest of the world just how much fun we can have and what we’re all about.

You’ve been in Halifax a few times now. What have you done in the city?
Every time I come here I just love walking down by the harbour. It’s one of my favourite things to do, just smell the ocean. There’s also a place called the Lower Deck. A good friend of mine owns that place so we always go there to catch up — have a few laughs.

For yourself personally, where are you at in your career?
I truly mean this, I feel like I’m just getting started. I really do.

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