Kim Olson is a local personal trainer who runs a boot camp at Ezio Faraone Park. Called I Heart Boot Camp, it runs Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. The camp cost $100 for a month and you can find more information by searching I Heart Boot Camp on Facebook.

Why are boot camps so popular right now?
Boot camp is synonymous with hard work and mental toughness so people know that they will get a good workout. People are also watching their budgets so group fitness classes are easier on the wallet than personal training.

What sets yours apart from others?
Mine is different in that I actually do the class with my participants instead of yelling at them and then standing there.

Each class is tailored to the registered group, not pre-made programming like other boot camps.

My class is also doable for all fitness levels ... there is no intimidation.

Boot camp is technically a misnomer for my class — it is a fitness class that takes place outside.

The only things I yell are words of encouragement.

What kind of qualifications do you have?
I am a certified personal trainer through CSEP (national certification), as well as certified to teach group fitness through AFLCA (provincial certification).

What would you recommend to people who are looking around for a camp to join?
I would recommend people go to Ezio Faraone Park and watch the different classes before they commit.

Do your research. There are lots of well-known classes that have different agendas, which aren’t always in the best interest of most clients. Making people throw-up, one-and-a-half hour long classes, mean instructors, etc…

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