With this being the Natal Day weekend, who better to speak to than Mayor Peter Kelly about all the events taking place? And it’s also a chance for the mayor to talk about what makes us so grand.

Why do you think the Natal Day holiday is so important?
It’s just a chance for everyone to be able to connect with each other throughout HRM. It’s a time of festivities to offer who we are and what we have to offer here. It’s a way of just getting out there and being a part of all that we are.

How do you think HRM is doing overall?
I think we’re doing great. We’ve come along way. We’re not perfect, but we certainly strive to do better and get better each day.

How busy do you get on the Natal Day weekend?
It’s probably one of the busiest weekends of my calendar year. It’s event after event after event.

What is your favourite event from the Natal Day holiday?
It would have to be the parade, as well as the fireworks. But the parade certainly brings out thousands to watch and it’s a chance to connect and celebrate who we are.

Do you really enjoy going to the tea parties?
Yup, absolutely. You get to meet people who you haven’t seen in a while. You get to reconnect and just see what is going on in their lives — and to share that common experience. So every opportunity to connect is a good opportunity.

How much food would you say you eat over the whole weekend?
Not much cake, but I do have the chance to try many other food products. Probably lots of fish, that’s for sure.