Pierre A Lamielle is a Calgarian cook, illustrator and the author of the award-winning cookbook Kitchen Scraps. He also writes a blog by the same name and is in the process of writing his second cookbook to be released next year.

You’re not only a cook, but an illustrator as well. How did you get involved in these two seemingly different careers?

Like the best things that always tend to happen, it was totally by accident. I was an illustrator originally and I loved food but I never wanted to work in a restaurant and then I started … the Easy Cook column with Swerve magazine, just because I did illustrations for them and I had an interest in food. It kind of took off and at some point along that path, I decided to go away to cooking school and when I was there I learned a ton of stuff. Actually, when I was in cooking school I got the contract for my cookbook ... and then I came back to Calgary and decided not to get back into newspaper writing the way I was before, but to sort of explore the food and illustration avenue and that’s sort of where I’ve been for the last few years.

You’re working on a second cookbook right now.

I am ... we’re a week away from announcing it. I’m working on a book with Julie Van Rosendaal, who’s a local food writer. We’re doing an Alice In Wonderland cookbook, which will be, I can’t even tell you how crazy awesome this book is going to be. We’re getting up to about a quarter of the way done the book and we’re really excited.

In looking at your illustrations, it seems like you incorporate quite a bit of humour into your cooking. Why is that important to you?

I don’t know. I just think food especially takes itself really seriously and I think if you’re going to be doing something every single day, you might as well be having fun doing it ... Food isn’t about cooking, it’s about eating. You might as well have fun because you have to eat.

If you were trapped on a deserted island, what’s the one food you would take?

That’s crazy. How long would I have to be there?


So I have no chance of survival? Can I say smorgasbord? Or fondue? I’m going to go with smorgasbord.

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