Rob Faust is a born-and-raised Calgarian who DJs at hot spots around the city.

How long have you been a DJ?

Long enough to clearly remember, the “end” of vinyl, the rise of hip hop, the second and third coming of disco, to see the “death” of the music industry and the rebirth of DJ culture. All totalled, perhaps 17 years. Although I did make boatloads of mix tapes for everyone I knew when I came back with a bag of records from Amsterdam when I was 16. Does that count?

What are some of the spots in the city that you DJ at?

Currently, I DJ Dance Party at Republik with lil’ Mikey Roberts on Fridays. We play a gamut of soul, nufunk, big beat and disco, some thumpy ’80s and modern electro as well. It spotlights on fun. We shoot off a confetti cannon when we play Shout. It’s a great party, check your attitude at the door and kick out the jams.

Saturday I play Mojo at the Bamboo. It’s a night of all things funk and soul, recognizable and not, remixed or not, with emphasis on Ray Charles, the Beatles, James Brown; music that reminds you how powerful good music should be. It’s just a dirty little basement party where everyone is welcome and the music is the message.

What is it about being a DJ that you enjoy?

The music and the people who get the music that I play. I love it when somebody asks me who does Reet Petite or when people scream because they love a song.

To me, what I do is as much about preserving music ... as it is about helping people forget about the mundane workaday world and have fun.

Is your job like a party every night?

It’s a job where you get to party. Bottom line, it’s about entertaining people; that’s not work for me, but if I don’t, I’m not doing my job well.

Any tips for people wanting to get into the profession?

Read DJ saved My Life ... 40 times. Take notes. Here’s what I’ve taken from it and from 17 or so years in my profession: Know your music and its history.