Seetha Bhagavatula is a fifth-year cell biology and Asian studies student at UBC. She is also a former UBC MUG leader — My Undergraduate Group. If you’re a freshman this year, you will want to read her survival tips.

What are some of the must-haves for new college and university students?

• Something to drink to keep you alert in class. Herbal teas or coffee are good.
• Snacks: Keep a bunch of snacks in your bags. Being in first year means you have unfortunate schedules. Make sure you have something to tide yourself over with.
• A laptop or recording device: Then you can record your notes and go over them later. If you’re really tired in the morning, this can be a saviour.
• Comfortable shoes: You may get lost, you will have to run across campus, and you want to leave campus with the least amount of scratches and bruises.
• An agenda: Something you can write down important things and information with. Profs tell you really important things the first day.

What are some of the best places to grab a bite or drink on campus?

The Village is a great place (at the UBC campus). There’s Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean, everything. It’s great if you’re a poor university student. Some places will even deliver if you’re studying late at night. The Pit Pub is a good place for both food and drinks, especially during hockey games. They have the best burgers. I’ve heard the Galley is also a great place for drinks. It’s nice to go there when the Pit is too busy. For really cheap food on Friday evenings, you can visit the Deli in the SUB. The food is discounted later in the day and it’s so good.

Where are some of the best places to meet the opposite sex?

Clubs are a great way to meet people. You’ll find someone who shares interests with you. A lot of my friends met people at the UBC Dance Club. Also, the bus is a good place. You may end up seeing them over and over again so look good!

Anything I should do this weekend to prepare?

Don’t do anything academic. You may end up taking some courses or exams the next few summers, so enjoy what you can now.

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