Metro caught up with local band The Weekend Kids after the musicians were recently named Sonic’s band of the month.

Do you think that being Sonic’s band of the month (BOTM) helped to increase your fan base?
For us, Sonic’s BOTM helped get our music to people who would’ve never gone to one of our shows, it helped expand our fan base to people outside our circle of friends and the local pop/punk community. Overall, being BOTM was exciting, we got to hear our single on the radio, and our MySpace listens skyrocketed. It was definitely a push in the right direction.

Does being family members help band dynamics or does it create additional issues?
Being family definitely helps us understand each other, and since we’ve grown up together, it makes it even easier to handle problems that come our way. We also work and contribute collectively, so there is no hierarchy in the band, we all have a say, and we all write and create together. There hasn’t been anything negative coming out of being in a band with your family, except for that if we ever lost a member, it would be weird to have someone new step in.

What sort of music do you guys listen to on a daily basis? Is there anything unexpected?

The band has a very eclectic taste in music, we listen to everything. But we are completely blown away by the local music scene at the moment. It’s all over the board, from folk to alt country, and back to pop/hardcore punk. We also like to throw on some hip-hop classics every now and again. Like we said, eclectic.

Do you have any crazy tour stories?
A homeless/strung-out guy threw a bottle of orange juice at us while we were driving down Hastings in Vancouver to the Bourbon, a block over, to play a show. While unloading our gear we saw a heroin addict shoot up on the other side of the parking lot. Good times.