Vaughn Chipeur is a two-time Canadian silver medallist in figure skating and a competitor in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

How long have you been skating?

Forever. I think this is my 17th year. I started when I was nine or 10.

What do you love about skating?

I like the technical side of it, but I never really embraced the artistic side. I also like the lifestyle. Especially when you get into the upper echelon you get to travel all over the world. And when you travel everything is high end.

Describe the Nationals before the Olympics.

I hurt myself in December before Nationals ... two weeks before Nationals the pain started getting worse and I was spending more time in physio. I think during Nationals I was going on all adrenaline ... had I not qualified for the Olympics, I was planning on retiring.

What was your reaction when you qualified for the Olympics?

It was totally surreal. I didn’t even know what was happening. We got our welcome team jackets right on the spot and the next morning they gave us Olympic accreditation ... I didn’t even get a chance to party.

What was it like to have an injury during the Olympics?

When I got to the games I spent 80 per cent of it in physio, five per cent on the ice and 15 per cent sleeping. The frustrating part was that I made it to the biggest event of my life and I could hardly skate.

Describe the coolest moment at the Olympics.

In front of a normal audience you just hear it. It’s a moving amount of noise. At the Olympics it just wasn’t a sound — it was a feeling. I remember skating out for the short program and they started calling my name. It was so loud I could feel it.

What now?

I’ve announced my retirement and I’m done competing. Now I’m just doing shows. I did 10 shows during the Calgary Stampede and I may do shows on a cruise ship ... I’m 25 and I also want to go to school or get a job.