Zain Meghji is the co-host of Calgary’s Breakfast Television. He has also worked as a reporter for etalk as well as being the host of How To Look Good Naked.

You’ve had a few different jobs in the television industry, what draws you to TV?
I think it’s because I’ve always wanted to do it. I just knew. When I was a kid, in junior high we did this skit in drama class called The Arsenio Tall Show … I was Arsenio Tall because I’m so tall, and that was my first fake talk show. I didn’t realize it then, but that has always been my goal, that’s why I went to theatre school because I thought that if I became a famous actor, someone would give me a talk show.

You sort of began your career at BT in Vancouver, what’s it like being back at Breakfast Television?
My brother is the host of Breakfast Television in Vancouver, so that was one of the reasons that I wanted to come back to the Breakfast Television family, because literally my family is part of it and I thought we’ve always wanted to work together, this is an opportunity to perhaps cross paths professionally ... but also I think that Breakfast Television, they’re rebranding, they want to create something new … and I think that by me joining, I’m part of that change and I think that it’s an awesome opportunity.

Would you say that you’re a morning person?
I always consider myself not to be a morning person because I would always be up all night. I was an insomniac but what I always like is the idea of being awake before everybody else.

What’s your early-morning beverage of choice?
Green tea. I don’t think that I’ve ever consumed an entire cup of coffee in my life.

Can you give me any dirt on what your co-workers look like that early in the morning before hair and makeup?
“Well, see this is the thing. I do my makeup at home so … when I roll into work, Tara is already dolled up, Andy, he rolls in and does his thing, and Jill is already on location … I don’t get to see them at their raw, early morning state. I don’t think that anybody wants to see any of us at our raw, early morning state.