Comedians Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood — who appeared together on the improv-based Whose Line Is It Anyway — took the time to ask each other five questions about their business and personal lives.

The duo will appear at the St. Lawrence Centre Thursday through Saturday as part of the Toronto Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

Brad Sherwood interviews Colin Mochrie:

Brad: If you had to get out of show business entirely, what would you want to do for the rest of your life?

Colin: I would love to be a billionaire ... or an assassin. If it came down to skills, I’d be a chef.

B: What is a guilty entertain­ment pleasure most people would be surprised you enjoy?

C: Project Runway would surprise people, considering how I dress.

B: If you could only eat one breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of your life (but wouldn’t get tired of them) what would those meals be?

C: Breakfast: Ham, cheese, onion and jalapeno omelette. Lunch: Lobster bisque with a grilled cheese sandwich. Dinner: A turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

B: If you could change one thing about society, or people, what would it be?

C: There are so many things: Global rudeness, self-entitlement and fixation on celebrity. If it was only one it would be the gross injustice of being free to make fun of bald people.

Colin Mochrie interviews Brad Sherwood:

C: At six-foot-four you were the second tallest on Whose Line. Has your height helped you in the world of humour?

B: As a taller improvisor, I don’t have to pick the low hanging fruit off the comedy tree. Others, who shall remain nameless (rhymes with Shmahlin Blockry), tend to go for the easy pickings.

C: If we had an unlimited budget, what would you add to our show?

B: I would add trained live tigers to our show. No one else is doing that ... anymore. I would also get Colin a beautiful tuxedo made out of meat.

C: Why hasn’t America embraced the NHL?

B: America has all but shunned hockey as a sport. The U.S. treats hockey like the drunk girl it met in a bar. ... The fact that there are hockey teams in American towns where snow doesn’t fall is a travesty. I say, if your city is incapable of producing outdoor ice, you should not be able to have a hockey team. I would like to warn you wonderful Canadians that our country will soon start sniffing around, and find out about curling ... (then it) will be stolen by us, and played in the swamps of Florida.

C: What are the five things that are important when touring on the road?

B: Colin’s girdle. Colin’s blanket. Colin’s suppositories. Ointment. A funnel.

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