Comedians Frank Spadone and Steve Byrne are among the comedians taking part in the Just for Laugh’s Ethnic Comedy Show at the Winter Garden Theatre on Friday and Saturday.

Sapdone, an Italian-Catholic, and Byrne — the son of a Korean mother and an Irish father — took a few minutes to ask each other about their experiences in comedy.

Frank Spadone interviews Steve Byrne

Spadone: Do you have any ritual or “thing” you do before a show or to prepare yourself before a show?

Byrne: I wake up, brush my teeth, get something to eat, return phone calls and check my emails, then I shower and then I am soooo in the zone. Then I smoke half a pack of cigarettes, drink three Red Bulls and watch Ray Liotta for inspiration.

Where/what is the worst experience you have had as far as accommodations when performing somewhere?

Whenever I perform in NYC my parents insist I stay with them. I am 34 years old and I’d like to stay in my own hotel, but they love having me home. Hearing your mother yell your name to wake up is never good. Whether you are six years old or 34.

Are there any topics you will not talk about?

I went to a Michael Buble concert and as a man, don’t get good seats. It’s not good for him or you. He’s singing romantic songs and making eye contact with you. That is kind of not cool as a dude.

What was the most bizarre heckle you’ve experienced?

I killed your dad in Vietnam most likely takes the cake. I don’t even know how to process that one.

Has anyone ever had such a distinct laugh that you still remember it today or hear it in your head? Describe

My girlfriend. She doesn’t laugh, she guffaws. It’s incredibly loud and piercing. The first few times she came to see me, I would say to myself, “What in God’s name is … oh, that’s just my girlfriend and she’s sitting in the very back of the room.”

Steve Byrne interviews Frank Spadone

Byrne: Name four members of the Stanley Cup winning Pittsburgh Penguins?

Spadone: Sydney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Fleury, Maxim Talbot

If you had to spend an evening with one of The Golden Girls, who would it be and why?

They are all so hot I can’t seem to pick one. I would love to date them all and have them fight over me.

How old were you for your first kiss?

I was 16, I thought WOW! Why aren’t people making out all the time? Then I got my first hickey and I thought WOW! Why aren’t people doing this all the time? Then I...

Who wins in a fight, you or Tie Domi?

On the ice Tie will win hands down. But, in a street fight I have some skills. He would probably try to grab me with one hand (because that is what he is used to). I would grab him in one of my Aikido moves and using his “chi” I will take him down almost effortlessly and then while still holding on to him I would take the heel of my foot and put him in a submission hold while he beats the crap out of me.

Is global warming a threat to Canada during the winter?

Yes, if it gets too warm where the heck are we going to play hockey?

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