5 teams to watch during the 2009-10 season

Watch for these 5 teams in this season's NBA

Portland Trail Blazers — The Trail Blazers were everyone’s darlings a year ago and they responded with a drive to the playoffs. Now the real work begins as they try to join the elite teams in the West and they won’t be able to sneak up on anyone.

Washington Wizards — The hits just keep on coming for the Wizards, who get oft-injured Gilbert Arenas back, but will start the season with Antawn Jamison on the shelf. They added depth with Randy Foye and Mike Miller for new coach Flip Saunders.

Memphis Grizzlies — Watch ’em if you’re the type that likes a train wreck because the possibility exists. Toss shot-happy Zach Randolph and Allen Iverson into a mix that includes O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay and this could get ugly fast.

Oklahoma City Thunder — Are the Thunder this year’s Trail Blazers? Kevin Durant is a unique talent, with plenty of good young teammates around him like Jeff Green and a good young coach in Scott Brooks. This could be the up-and-coming team to watch this season.

Miami Heat — With all the changes teams in the East, the Heat were strangely silent, not giving Dwyane Wade any real help. Michael Beasley has had off-the-court issues, Jermaine O’Neal could very well get injured and Miami could be in for a long year.

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