5th Elementt

1033 Bay St.




Ambience: Although it’s been open just more than a month, 5th Elementt (the extra T has numerological significance for co-owners Vijay Karumanchi and Satish Sikah) is already becoming a favourite spot for corporate types and Queen’s Park legislators. The Indian-Mediterranean fusion menu tempts those looking for dinner or late-night snacks over drinks, but on weekends a DJ takes position and converts the venue into full lounge mode. The growing list of regulars need to keep in mind the venue will be closed during the Toronto International Film Festival as it plays host to celebrities and industry types.


Crowd: Everyone from 30 to 50-something power brokers to couples searching for a quiet patio.

Dress code: Opt for smart casual with an emphasis on understated elegance. 5th Elementt is the type of place that could suit a variety of sartorial looks, but most will arrive aiming to impress with their dress.

Should I dance on the bar? Not unless you’re an A-list celebrity.

Will I get lucky? Probably not, but on the bright side, you might be able to close a major business deal.

Best accessory: During TIFF, a well-connected friend to get you inside.

Cocktail du jour: Best-sellers are martinis and wines.

Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to close (2 a.m. on Saturday).