Insurance and claims expert Wayne Ross from Aviva Canada suggests looking into a few key factors before buying a home:

1. Location: If you live in a neighbourhood with a low crime rate you’ll pay a lower premium

2. Proximity to fire protection: Homeowners that live close to a fire hydrant or fire station will pay lower premiums due to decreased fire risk

3. Heating: Do you use oil, gas or electric? If you heat with oil, or own a wood stove, you’ll likely also burn more money on insurance premium.

4. Wiring: Do you have breakers or fuses? Old wiring? Low electricity flow coming into the house? All affect your insurance costs and eligibility for insurance.

5. Roof: If your roof has not been updated in 20 years, you might not qualify for insurance until it is re-shingled.

6. Factors like a moni­tor­ed security and fire alarm system or a swimming pool will factor into insurance costs.