A proposed building on South Park Street is too high for its neighbours, says Beverly Miller.
The vice-chair of the District 12 Planning Advisory Committee wanted to reject a 65-metre building, which is
4-1/2 times taller than allowed in the zoning laws.
“It’s irresponsible to suggest a building of this height when there was so much opposition from the public,” Miller said at a meeting at City Hall last night.
But her motion to reject the plans wasn’t supported. Rather, Coun. Dawn Sloane’s motion to recommend the building — with a condition to look at relocating instead of demolishing the Victorian houses on the site now — was accepted instead.
The committee’s blessing will be forwarded to city council, which will schedule a public hearing on the issue.
Miller said it’s a mistake which will likely lead to an appeal. She said a public information session proved neighbours, especially in historic Schmidtville, aren’t interested in the development.
“It’s a neighbourhood preservation question,” Miller told reporters during a break.
Municipal planner Luc Ouellet said opposition will quiet down once the wind and shadow studies are out there.
“If they’re concerned with wind and shadow, we’re satisfied the issues won’t be too much,” he said.
Also on the committee’s plate is a 21-floor condo development on Lower Water Street. No decision was made on this development because the committee ran out of time last night.