The B.C. Lions’ 1970s-inspired retro unis — which the team will sport three times this season — will add another dimension to the 2010 campaign’s throwback feel, hall-of-famer Jim Young says.

Young was a standout Lions running back and wide receiver from 1967 to 1979.

“Many fans from the 1970s are still fans of the team today ... and I think the retro look will bring a lot of those people back to the stadium,” he said.

“(The retro uniform) is a nice slick look, and it’s good for us and the fans,” added the Lions resident all-star receiver Geroy Simon.

The players will wear the old-school apparel Aug. 7 against the Stamps, Aug. 27 also against Calgary, and Sept. 11 against Toronto.

The jersey revival comes as part of the CFL’s Retro Funk initiative this season.

The Leos take on the reigning Grey Cup champion Montreal Alouettes in their next game Friday night at 7 p.m. at Empire Field.

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