Stelmach opens first caucus meet

Alberta taxpayers will be saying goodbye to the 32 MLAs who are leaving public office this week with a golden handshake worth a total of $8 million, says the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.



The 20 retiring MLAs and the 12 who were defeated in Monday’s election are given three months of salary for every year they were in office.



The most expensive payout is for retired Tory MLA Mike Cardinal, who will receive more than $600,000 for his nearly 20 years of service.

Meanwhile, premier Ed Stelmach will open his first caucus meeting today after a landslide Tory victory that captured 72 ridings in the 83-seat legislature.

It’s expected that Stelmach will announce his new cabinet next week, and he’s said he’s hoping to find a balance that best reflects the province.

"It’s not only region, it’s cities, gender, background, experience — we’ll put all those in the mix," he said. "It will be difficult decisions, because it’s a larger caucus."

provincial dates

  • Today: First Tory caucus meeting

  • Next week: Stelmach announces new cabinet, makes Edmonton speech

  • March 13: Official election results released

  • End of March: Members sworn in to office