Ferguson plays Black Sheep Inn tonight at 9

There are musicians out there who were born to sing, and those who were born to write.


Lindsay Ferguson is the kind of musician who was born to do both.


The first time I saw the Wakefield-based songstress walk up to a stage, acoustic guitar in hand and wavy strawberry blond locks flowing, I certainly didn’t expect her voice to pack such a wallop.


Nor did I expect her enticing melodies and insightful lyrics to be bouncing around in my brain for days to come.


So I guess I wasn’t surprised to learn from Ferguson that she’s been singing as long as she’s been talking, dreamt of being a Mini Pop as a youngster, and has been taking the songwriting thing very seriously for the last seven years.

“What I love about writing a new song is that it becomes all I can think of for awhile. It’s just a part of me,” Ferguson explains.

When it comes to finding inspiration to craft her lyrics and tunes, Ferguson says it’s as simple as staying connected to the world around her.

It’s an admirable — though not very 21st century-like — fact that Ferguson doesn’t own a television or a computer. She waitresses to support herself, and says it’s the interactions and observations of daily life that find their way into her songs.

“What hones your voice and your songwriting is going to shows and listening to copious amounts of music, and taking risks when opportunity comes,” she says.

“If you get caught up in the nine-to-five week, Saturday party and Sunday sleep-in, where are all the songs going to come from? I think you need to live life to get the stories.”

Ferguson is currently working on her first full-length album with Ottawa producer Dave Draves of Little Bullhorn Studios.

She says it’s been a wonderful process, but also a difficult one, because she has high standards for the finished product.

Even though her album’s not quite done, her live show’s definitely ready to be seen.

Check out Lindsay Ferguson when she plays with Lesbians on Ecstasy tonight at 9 p.m. at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield. Tickets are $10 from www.ticketweb.ca.