Top New Year’s resolutions typically include losing weight, quitting smoking or finding a new job. But Canadians are revamping their self-improvement goals for 2010, according to a new survey by American Express.

Seventy-two per cent of Canadians believe they are not living their lives to their fullest potential.

Learning new skills or travelling to experience new cultures are all edging their way up the priority list of what people hope to achieve in the future. Here is a list of tips for bringing greater enrichment to your life:

• Start a hobby. Knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening and beekeeping are all experiencing a revival.

• Enrol in a vocational class. Dance, language, art, hairdressing, sewing and cooking are key areas of interest.

• Use the downturn to up-skill. Invest in your knowledge to make yourself more valuable.

• Go freelance. Work flexible hours or start your own part-time business and make your schedule work for you.

• Harness online tools such as YouTube to teach others your hobby. Many of today’s successful businesses are starting this way.

• Invest in virtual personal assistants, concierge services and business hubs as a way of winning back time otherwise spent paying bills or doing other administrative tasks.

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