It's been a while since you've had to sit in classrooms and listen to professors prattle on. And frankly, you wonder how you'll keep up with lecture notes when you have other obligations like family or a part-time job.

Not to worry. Here are some tips to help mature students survive that first year back at school:

Be confident about who you are
Don't compare your appearance, possessions, or status with other students. As a mature student, you may have better time management skills and more life experience than your peers. You also know the value of a good education and will work hard to achieve it.


Get organized
Invest in a daily planner to keep track of deadlines and assignments. Create a home workspace that is comfortable and free of clutter.

Find a student mentor
Apply for a mentor through student services. Look for someone who is also a mature student and in a higher year than you. He or she can share first-year experiences, time management and study tips, and the scoop on professors to avoid.

Befriend your classmates
Having friends to confide in will make your classes more enjoyable. If you don't connect with anyone in your class, join interest groups and associations on campus. Being passionate about an activity binds people together.

Your decision to further your education is a brave one. Be proud of yourself

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