Mayor wants 2010 to benefit city for the long-term

Mayor Sam Sullivan says he hopes to use the 2010 Olympics as a catalyst for much-needed social and economic change in Vancouver.



Sullivan is in Ottawa and Toronto this week to meet with several federal ministers and the governor general to discuss investment in programs to reduce drug addiction and homelessness.


"Vancouver will represent Canada and British Columbia to the world in 2010 and I think … this is a good opportunity for us to focus our efforts on how we can make changes not just for the short-term but for the long-term," he said yesterday.

"I’ll talk about the challenges we have with the Downtown Eastside and how we’re using the focus of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to leverage more support for (those) problems."

Sullivan is meeting with the minister of health to discuss new treatment options for drug addicts and extending the extension for the supervised injection site.

A program is already in place where 100 Downtown Eastside residents will be hired, and $15-million of goods from inner city businesses will be bought, to help build the Olympic village.

"Dealing with (these) social challenges could be the most profound legacy," said Sullivan.

packed schedule

  • The mayor wil seek a bigger share of the $64-million federal anti-drug budget. He also plans lobby to get more private sector funding for social housing.