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A challenge to Metro readers


Re: Lisi Tesher column:

I agree with Ms. Tesher’s comments about increasing one’s awareness and sensitivity towards individuals like Kimveer Gill who are extremely troubled individuals. Perhaps this tragedy could have been averted.

Recently I was in the Maritimes, and was pleasantly surprised — people were smiling at each other, strangers would approach with friendly chatter and there was a generosity of spirit and kindness in the air.

I look around at the people in Toronto — people look at me suspiciously if I start talking to them, others are either scowling or are stonefaced and there’s a nastiness, especially on the roads. Perhaps if we are nicer to each other, the potential Mr. Gills will realize the people in society are not to be hated.

I challenge everyone reading this paper to say or do something nice for someone today.