World’s most tattooed man in city for annual fest



chris bolin/for metro calgary


Lucky Diamond Rich is the ultimate in multi-layered tattooing and is in town for this weekend’s tattoo festival. Hailing from Australia, he’s been the holder of the Guinness Book of World Records Most Tattooed Person title since 2003.


While patrons in a local tattoo shop didn’t bat an eye, folks on the streets of Calgary did a double take yesterday as the world’s most tattooed person arrived in the city for a popular show and convention this weekend.

Covered head to toe in blue-ink tats, Lucky Diamond Rich — the Guinness Book of Records most tattooed human title-holder — routinely turns more than a few heads wherever he goes.

“Can I have a picture with you?” one woman asked as she walked into Immaculate Concept tattoo shop.

“Only if you’re in it,” Rich responded, posing with the excited fan.

He’s been getting inked since the age of 16, and Rich’s body is now entirely covered in tattoos — with a few body modifications thrown in.

“I have every inch and part of my body tattooed with black, and now I have started to go over the tattoos with white ink, so I can make designs,” he told Metro, adding he’s been the Guinness record holder for five years now.

Sporting tats by nearly 140 different artists from 17 different countries, every square inch of Rich has become a canvas — including the inside of his ears and gums.

He’s in town for this weekend’s big fourth annual Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival — his second visit to the popular event.

“It’s a lot of fun and I'm really happy to be back in Calgary and part of it again. The last time I was here I was told I had the best crowd reaction, so we hope for more of that this year.

Rich isn’t the only big attraction this weekend. Renowned tattoo artist and reality show star Kat Von D of LA Ink is returning to the festival for the second year in a row.

Calgary tattoo artist Steve Peace, owner of Immaculate Concept and event organizer, said the festival has doubled in size since last year partly due to Kat Von D’s presence.

“For sure, she is popular and a lot of people like her. But tattoo popularity is also on the rise. We had 7,000 people come through or first show, and last year we had 20,000 people. It’s huge,” Peace told Metro.

Tickets for the event are $20. The shows run Friday through Monday. For more information, check out