Whether pitching a tent in the backyard or sleeping under the stars in a provincial park, camping is a way for busy families to reconnect and build strong relationships.


In an age when family dinners are nearly extinct and work, school and other activities limit family time, why not carve out an opportunity to reconnect with your family before summer winds down?


“A camping trip is a great opportunity to connect as a family without the distractions of television, computers, electronic games or cellphones,” says Dr. Karyn Gordon, a family therapist and Generation Y expert.


“Camping creates the ideal environment to be still, calm and emotionally present, leading to meaningful family conversations and strong bonding.”

Dr. Gordon shares her top three reasons why families should consider a camping adventure this summer:

• Camping creates lifelong family memories, experiences and lessons, giving family members special moments and stories to share for years to come.

• Camping helps develop confidence in kids by teaching new skills and encouraging everyone to work as a team — from setting up the tent to making a campfire to cooking on a Coleman stove.

• Camping encourages families to get active and enjoy nature via physical activities such as swimming, hiking and canoeing.

Don’t forget the gear

Since it’s not often that families get a chance to relax and spend quality time together, it’s essential to have the proper gear to enjoying the outdoors together.

• A large, family-sized tent, like Coleman’s Phoenix 10 tent, features three separate rooms offering privacy for parents and teenage kids.

• Coleman’s rugged rechargeable lantern makes it possible for family card games to continue once the sun has set. Its night light setting offers comfort to small children who are sleeping outdoors for the first time.

• Don’t depend only on the campfire for cooking meals. The innovative All-in-One Trio cooking system from Coleman features a stove top, grill grate and griddle.

• Don’t forget fun. The four-piece beach set from Sevylor, complete with an inflatable mattress and other water accessories, encourages active play by the lake.