Author: Sally Hogshead
Publisher: Harper Business
Price: $32.50

In the time of the Salem witch trials, fascination was considered a spell of witchcraft, an act punishable by death.

According to author Sally Hogshead, the reason we make decisions to buy brands, take a new job or get a breast enlargement is largely to do with our fascination with these things, and that by engaging these items or ideas, we become more fascinating to those around us.


At least that is the hope.

I was fortunate to see Hogshead speak in Toronto where she discussed the seven triggers of fascination, and in between slides gave out free shots of Jagermeister to help make a point that she discusses in her book.

Her point with the Jagermeister being that it is because of mystique that ‘Jager’ “has become the most popular product nobody likes.” The other triggers include lust, alarm, prestige, power, vice and trust. The more of these you can pack into one idea, person or product, the higher your chances at creating something fascinating.

Hogshead’s book is based on significant research by Kelton Research, a public-opinion company discusses two top-line findings. First, that people will pay a great deal of money if you can help them become fascinating -- spending an average of $288 per month. Second, that people will pay a great deal of money if you can help them feel fascinated.Hence, a fascinating brand can charge up to four times more than an un-fascinating one.

Hogshead has pulled together an incredible amount of research and facts and knitted a history lesson that I assure you is quite fascinating.

Craig Lund, a director with the staffing firm Marketers on Demand, can be reached at craig.lund@marketersondemand.com

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