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Design your own specialty mats at Choices include plaid and leopard print as well as neutral colours.


The latest in automotive accessories this year are specialty car mats that you design, exclusively from GG Bailey (


There are over a million vehicles on the road in Canada and the U.S. and every car, van or truck needs mats. You can design your own luxury-weight custom car and trunk mats from any combination of carpet, edging, heelpads, embroidery and logo styles and colours.

The car mats from GG Bailey are a custom-fit for your vehicle. You can design complementary car mat colours for your interior or bright vibrant colours that make a statement, like leopard or pink car mats.

“Your car will look like new with custom car mats,” says Ginger Cannon Bailey, CEO of Racemark International, the parent company of GG Bailey, which she founded. “You will be amazed at the difference new mats will make for your vehicle’s interior.”

Online ordering makes selecting the mats simple. Choose your make, model and year and create mats using the many design options available at the company’s website. Mats are created within two business days after the order is received.

You can embroider whatever you want on your mats: the name of a person, business, your favourite charity, initials, numbers and much more. You can also select from the Design Your Car Mats line, which include Saratoga Mats with polka dot and stripe grosgrain ribbon edging.

A Car Couture line offers luxurious mats that feature woven stain resistant, polypropylene mats made with the same kind of carpet found in the White House — and come in Oriental and Animal designs.

There’s also Plush Plaid 50-ounce woven stain-resistant polypropylene custom mats in beige or black plaid.