Another year, another Adam Sandler movie. When this guy left “Saturday Night Live” in 1995, no one expected him to become the biggest comedy star in Hollywood, but somehow he’s managed to make a career out of playing lovable losers that get the girl and solve some sort of high-concept conundrum.


“Grown Ups” is Sandler’s latest film, and quite possibly his laziest. The concept is that Sandler and his real-life buddies — Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade and Rob Schneider — meet up for a reunion at a giant cottage, but the final product makes it clear that Sandler just wanted to hang out with these guys for a few months. Everyone has little problems when they arrive, but they don’t matter that much and are all wrapped up in one painfully long weepy scene.


Other than that, the movie is little more than a string of gags with the five comedians trying to make each other laugh.


Admittedly, there are some chuckles to be had, but the best laughs most likely took place when the cameras weren’t rolling. The good news is that all these comedians clearly had a good time making a movie last summer. The bad news is that no one else was invited to the party.