Canadians are waking up after their success at hosting the 2010 Winter Games with something akin to post-coital bliss, a Canadian Press-Harris Decima survey has found.

The poll suggested that of the more than 1,000 people polled between Thursday and Sunday, almost no one — only one per cent — was unhappy with the performance of Canada’s athletes.

Of those polled, 65 per cent said they were “very satisfied” and the rest were merely satisfied.

But the poll also indicated that as euphoria fades, the resolve to bask in the love affair could weaken as the federal government and the provinces begin introducing what are expected to be cost-cutting budgets in the days to come.

British Columbia tables its budget today and the federal government releases its budget on Thursday.

Doug Anderson, a senior vice-president with Harris Decima, said the satisfaction numbers regarding the Canadian athletes are virtually unheard of. And many of those responses were gathered even before the Canadian men’s hockey team won the gold medal in overtime Sunday.

“I can only imagine that if we started to do the interviewing after Sidney Crosby scored that goal, the numbers only get better,” Anderson said. “I can’t remember a time when as many Canadians felt as good about the same thing at the same time.”

The closing ceremonies Sunday wrapped up an unprecedented two-week period that saw Canadians flood onto Vancouver streets, creating a red-and-white human tapestry of patriotic clothing, flags and face paint.

By yesterday morning, the streets were being swept clean, the airport was clogged with travellers and politicians at all levels of government were talking about how to maintain the nationalist momentum.