He is the frontman of the group Gym Class Heroes, ex-boyfriend of Katy Perry, and now Travis McCoy has also joined the fight against HIV and AIDS.

McCoy is working with MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation to spread information about HIV prevention, and has visited South Africa, India and the Philippines to see how people are dedicating their lives to the fight.

He has written a song, called One at a Time, based on his experiences, and anyone who buys it from iTunes after Dec. 1, will be supporting Staying Alive

McCoy recently talked to Metro World News about his role in the project.

Q. What is the biggest misconception about the disease in your opinion?

The stigma which HIV positive people have to deal with. Many still think they can be infected by touching them, we should be over this by now. Only one thing can help: education, informing people about what HIV and AIDS really is. It needs slightly more than touching to become HIV positive.

Q. When was the first time you had to face AIDS?

This thing is the reason why I joined this project. I have lost a close loved one to this disease and we had to keep it secret because of the stigma.

Q. Is it easier for young people today? They can reach all information about the disease and can prevent it better...

It is up to the individuals. Today we can reach more information but it is up to us if we are interested in it or not.

Q. What was the thing that touched you the most whole travelling with Staying Alive?

That at many places they start educating really early, at the age of 5-6. We get this education too late while 13-15 years old girls become pregnant. They obviously know what sex is but are not taught how to have safe sex.

Q. How did the idea of the song came through?

It was the whole point of the trip. Ten days in three countries, it was really busy, but I met fantastic people. It meant big pressure to incorporate all in the song and make it a song people want to buy since all profits go to the foundation. I am really proud of it.